Catching up

So, blogging. It's hard, and honestly, sometimes I have lots that I'm thinking and working through, and I don't always want to share it. So, while I have been thinking through lots of things that would likely make great blog posts, I have not really wanted to share. And, if I'm not going to share all that, then, there's not much to blog about. I'm chronically boring!

But, with a little encouragement (peer pressure), I'm going to try to make a good effort at blogging again. You'll all soon find out just how boring I am.

So first, I'll catch you up on the excitement of the last few months. This will take a few blog posts, but I'll start with the best one of all........

 .......my sister got married!

(I promise she married someone, but you think I got a picture of BOTH of them? No, I didn't.)

I've talked about how Jess and Ric are Hollywood elite as far as my kids are concerned. Well, their wedding only served to confirm this fact in their minds (well, the wedding AND the fact that Disney bought Lucas Film! Now Aunt Jess works with Mickey, Lightning McQueen AND Luke Skywalker.....I dare someone to try to beat that!)!

For the wedding, we flew to LA and got all glammed up (when in Rome, right?)!

 (Seriously, how cute are the boys?)

(My other sister, Melissa, and I trying to look less NH and more Hollywood so as not to embarrass my sister!)

Scot had the privilege of marrying them- which made the whole occasion even more special! 

(Scot was justalittle nervous when I snapped this picture before the ceremony- can you tell? ;) )

Ric has a great family- who we are excited to live really close to! It's exciting as we get older our family just keep growing! 

It was an amazing day of celebrating Jess and Ric! We are so, SO happy for them both! It was also just fun to spend some time in LA with them, see their place, and experience their (glamorous compared to ours) life! We loved every minute of our time with them. It was WAY too short! 

Next up: making another one of Cooper's dreams come true!

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Beckie said...

Yay! Welcome back. :)